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This is Buddy, an adult male sea lion here at the Los Angeles Zoo. Three years ago, Buddy was found malnourished, emaciated and blind on Manhattan Beach, unable to hunt, forage or defend himself. Thankfully, he was rescued and nursed back to good health. Due to his injuries and blindness, Buddy was deemed non-releasable, and the LA Zoo became his permanent home.

Buddy is not the first rescued marine mammal at the Zoo, and he certainly won’t be the last. His tale has a happy ending because you care enough to support your Los Angeles Zoo. With your help, we go the extra mile for animals everywhere – at the Zoo, in our local communities, and around the globe.

By supporting your Zoo, you not only impact animals like Buddy, you have also chosen to take an active role in preserving the world’s precious diversity of life.  Won’t you join us and become a part of the solution to saving rare and threatened species, at home and around the globe?

Together, we provide the best possible animal care and ensure that future generations can enjoy wild things and wild places. Support your Zoo’s mission of connecting people with wildlife by making a donation. Your gift matters to the endangered animals in our care!