Dear Friends, 
When COVID-19 forced the Los Angeles Zoo to close its iconic gates this March, no one imagined it would be 166 days before we would be able to welcome our guests back. And while the Zoo is finally open again, the financial burdens from so many months of closure are real and lasting, both for the Zoo and for GLAZA.
Throughout the last few months, there’s been no interruption in the dedicated, talented, and compassionate care each and every animal receives. Behind closed doors, GLAZA staff worked tirelessly to promote the Zoo’s mission of conservation, and our animal care team tended to some of the world’s most threatened creatures.
GLAZA is committed to providing financial and mission support to the Zoo and its programs. This is not possible without your generosity. In an ordinary year, we would have welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors through our gates during the spring and summer months, funding critical operations at the Zoo and GLAZA. Old friends have stood by us and many new friends have stepped up during our closure, but our resources are still stretched thin. We still need your support.
Please consider a gift to GLAZA’s annual fund. Your donation matters profoundly and supports our critical needs. We cannot thank you enough for all you do for GLAZA and the Zoo during these difficult times!

Tom Jacobson
President, Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association
P.S. A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated. Please stand with us today by giving as generously as you can to support our mission. Thank you!